How to Fix WoW Error 132 (Solved)

WOW Error 132

Blizzard entertainment has developed a very innovative game named World of Warcraft. You will face sometimes game crashes with an error displaying error #132 On the Screen.

While uses a series of temporary files to run the game which store everything from the battle data to your profile information.

Sometimes your computer being unable to read this template files Results in the display of error 132 message on the display.

You don’t have to worry much about it as this error code is related to the add-on issues or there might be the driver incompatibility in your computer.

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What causes world of War craft 132 error?        

Sometimes our computer is not able to correctly read and save the temporary files that our game requires to run. In this case anyone of you who have any time played this game might have faced this issue of error 132.

This is not a major issue and this fatal exception can be solved out by following these simple steps below.

Solution 1: install the latest patch

Game play experience must be updated and that’s why the game developer keeps on releasing new patch files to fix error within.

Sometimes this patch files can cause error like #132 just because we are not updating this patch files.

Therefore we need to check this on the official game application website to see that if there is any pending patch file update is remaining or not.

● launch the blizzard application on your PC

●Click on the World of war craft icon on the left side of the application

● then click on the options button in the right

● by clicking on the patch notes see if there is any pending update remaining or not

● If there is any patch while remaining to be installed on the computer just install it

● After updating the patch files try to launch the game again.

This will surely solve your problem and you will be able to run your game without any problems. In case if you are still facing the error message try the next solution.

Solution 2: clean up the temporary files

You must clean all the temporary files of the world of war craft game from where you have install the game. The section you must clean all the temporary files of the world of war craft game from where you have installed the game.

The section must be needed as it prevents World of Warcraft from reading the temporary action must be needed as it prevents World of Warcraft from reading the temporary files.

Follow the simple steps to clean up the temporary files from the PC

• click on the my computer on the desktop

• Just go to the folder of world of War craft where you are installing the game in your PC

War craft where are you install the game in your PC

• You might have the folder name interface, now change this folder name to interface make up.

• locate the catch and WTF folder and rename them to a different name.

When you run the game

This folder will be recreated with a default values.

Solution 3: Run system file checker

The damaged and the corrupted system files on our PC might be the reason for the displaying of this error.

To deal with this System files, run the window system file checker feature.

Follow the instructions below to run the Windows system file checker;

• go on the search bar of the start menu

• Search for the command prompt with administration access by typing command in the dialogue box of the start menu.

• type SFC/scan now in the command prompt and then press enter

• Close the command prompt once the process is complete and then restart your computer.

Once the computer restarts then try to launch the world of war craft game again. If the issues still doesn’t resolved then move to the next solution.

Solution 4: reset the user interface

Blizzard entertainment has himself recommended this solution to get deal with the error displaying in the game.

All you need to do is reset the user interface to its default settings which will fix the issues regarding to graphics display.

Here are your simple steps to reset the user interface;

• launch the blizzard application on your computer

• click on the world of war craft icon in the left panel of the application

•Click on the options button in the right

• to open the folder where all your games are installed click on the show in Explorer from the pop-up list.

• to open the folder just double click on the World of Warcraft

•Locate the folder named catch, interface,  and WTF.

• right click on these folders and rename them to catch old, interface old, and WTF old respectively.

• now you can run the game as the game himself will recreate these folders

If there it is not fixed yet and your game is not running smoothly you will need some more changes in your PC to get rid of this error problem.

If there it is not fixed yet and your game is not running smoothly you will need some more changes in your PC to get rid of this error problem.

Follow up the next solutions to get deal with the error 132.

Solution 5: check for malware and virus

You are very likely to display error 132 on the game screen while playing if your computer is affected by the malware or viruses.

To get deal with this malware and virus you need to run a full and complete scan for your system.

Windows defender may not detect the entire viruses across our Windows system and yes it will surely take much of a time.

That is why we need to use or try another antivirus application such as Avira and Panda.

Follow the instructions provided by the antivirus program is any of the malware or virus have been detected in your PC.

After that you can restart your computer and tried to launch the game again and can check whether the game is working without the displaying of the error message or not.

Please follow the next solution if your program is still not working properly.

Solution 6: update your video drivers

You must have to repair or update any of the video drivers your computer is having.

Your present video drivers might not be able to process correctly as per the advancement of world of war craft.

Just to update the video driver is a must recommendation process in your system to match the advancement of world of War craft program.

There are so many latest drivers on the Internet following ATI or NVIDIA which can makes up the advancement to process correctly in the world of war craft.

Solution 7: Reinstall the wow program

You can look to reinstall the world of war craft program if you are still facing the issue of error 132.

Reinstalling the World of Warcraft program can help to fix the problem you are facing.

Follow these simple steps to reinstall the world of paragraph program;

• click on the start menu and go to the Control Panel

• click on the add/remove programs from your PC

• remove the wall application from the PC

•After removing the wall program you can reinstall the application into your system from the installation CD.

This will help in refreshing the programs that your game uses to run and it will allow your computer to run the program in a smooth way.

Solution 8: clean out the registry

Registry is an important part of the window system as it uses to store all the important settings which our software and games required to run.

It is simply a large database which stores all important settings in our computer which allows the games in software to run as smoothly as possible.

World of war craft is a program which keeps important settings from your keyboard layout to your player profile setting inside the registry.

In order to make sure that this error 132 does not display again, it is very necessary for you to use a registry cleaner tool to fix this kind of problems which your system face.


Displaying of the error #132 is undoubtedly very annoying for the gamers while playing the game.

Although it’s not a major issue but it needs to be fixed down to get rid of the error display on the game screen.

Sometimes this issue gets solved just by restarting the computer and sometimes it requires much of the attention to solved out the problem.

Sometimes the corrupted and the damage games files on the computer results in the cause of game error.

Here the repair tool of blizzard can help us to scan and repair the corrected in damages games files.

If the error system is shown due to the fault systems in the computer then the above mentioned the solutions can solve the issues significantly.

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