Win32PrioritySeparation: Best Settings to Tweak it

Does your PC run slowly?

The applications that are running in background can be the major reason behind slow process of your PC.

Many times, application doesn’t stop working even after you close them and restarting your operating system seems the best alternate in that situation but rather then restarting and facing the issue, you need to do something that will fix this issue and win32prioritysepration will helps you to solve this issue.

Win32prioritysepration will help your PC to perform batter by smoothing the operating process. So in this article, you will get to know what win32prioritysepration is and how to tweak the priority scheduling.

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What is Win32 Priority Separation?

It is basically the strategy or trick to increase the process of your operating system. It is processed by two different ways. Changing priority setting allocates threads in the each process when they are scheduled.

The allotted time vary according to the priority in which backend and frontend process are optimized.  

The win32prioritysepration will change the priority value in the window registry panel. The priority value is a 6 bit bitmask that consist 3 bits of 2. In order to priority setup, you can modify the value

Let’s say the priority value is represented by XXYYZZ.

1. The bit (XX) will help to know the length of the process interval.

2. The middle value (YY) will estimate those intervals are fixed or variable.

3. The last value (ZZ) will make the difference between foreground process and background process.

The process is little technical but you need to understand the process in order to know about the win32prioritysepration.

Best Methods to Tweak Win32 Priority Scheduling

There are two methods to manually optimize the win32 priority scheduling. These methods are 100% approved and will defiantly work for you. The first method is quite simple and easy than another method.

Method 1: Tweaking System Properties

The method is comparatively easy and simple. You just need to follow the given instructions.

1. Press Win+R together in order to run dialogue box.

2. Type and press enter. It will takes to the new window of system priorities.

3. Click on the option “Advanced Tab” and enter the setting button under performance heading.

4. This will open the performance window

5. Press advanced option on the top list next to visual effects.

(You will see 2 options i.e. Programs and background services.)

If you want to give priority to foreground programs click on the option programs on the other hand, if you want to give priority to background process than click on the option background process.

6. Press OK button and restart the PC.

Method 2: Using Registry Editor

The window registry editor will helps to change the priority program but make sure that you have to know the exact process of what you are doing because a wrong step will mess up your operating system. So be careful during the process and follow these steps.

1. Press Win+R  to run dialogue box process.

2. Type “regedit” and press enter button. It will take to the window registry editor.

3. In the left side of the screen, click on the option HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE”

4. Click on the system and then “Currentcontrolset”

5. In this, you will get the option Priority control. Double click the option Priority Control (You need to scroll down for finding this option)

6. You will get the option “Win32PrioritySeparation”. Double Click on it.

7.  By default value will be 2. Change it to 26 while using hexadecimal as base on the other hand, set on 38 if base is decimal in order to give frontier programs priority.

8. If you want to give priority to background process than change it to 18 if base is hexadecimal and 24 if base if decimal.

9. Press Ok button and restart your system.

Final Note

So here we have mentioned the two different methods of tweaking win32priority separation. You need to give priority in such a manner that you can equally manage the programs and background process. In case, if you have any doubt in these two methods, feel free to ask in the comment section of this article.

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