What is Alljoyn Router Service| How to Disable it?

What is Alljoyn Router Service

The alljoyn router service is the window program that keeps running in the computer background without informing you. You will be amaze to know that there is huge percentage of people who don’t know what alljoyn router is and how to disable it.

The most important reason behind disabling this service is that it consumes CPU and affects the processing of your system. So it becomes quite necessary to disable the service in order to boost the performance of your computer.

So in this article we will provides you information regarding Alljoyn router service and also suggest the exact way through which you can disable it.

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What is Alljoyn Router Service?

Alljoyn router service is a built in program in window 10 that enable the window to communicate with another service via internet of things that simply means the service will helps in understanding the data and helps in communicating alljoyn devices.

The software runs in the background of your window operating system all the times. It is open source service so if you have basic knowledge of computer then you can disable it as per your convenience.

How to Disable Alljoyn Router Service in window 10?

If you don’t find alljoyn router service useful then you can disable it. Given below is the exact process of disabling this service. You just need to follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Activate the Run box by pressing Window + R and type services.msc and press OK button.

Step 2: Scroll down and right click on Alljoyn Router Service and click on properties

Step 3: You will see the Startup Type in General tab. Change the option to Disabled.

Step 4: Press OK and apply button

Now, your alljoyn service is disabled and in case if you again wants to enable it then you can follow the exact process and change the setting from disabled to automatic.

Will Disabling the Service Have a Real Impact on Your System?

Modern computers come with high power processors and lots of RAMs to provide fast service. If you want to improve your computer performance, it is important to know which services are making your computer slower and which you should turn of to boost up the performance. Disabling this service will upgrade your device’s execution and boost up your computer. 

Do you need Alljoyn Service?

The service will help you in exchanging information via internet of thing. So the service might be helpful in using some application but the service loads on CPU and leads the slow performance of system so it is better to turn it off.

Can you turn off the alljoyn Router service all the time and will it make impact on your system?

The choice of turning off this service totally depends upon your use. If the service involved in your daily task then you can turn it on and if you don’t find it useful then you can turn off permanently.

Although, the official statement of Microsoft states that this service is made for industry based users that means you can turn this service off.

The impact on the system also depends upon the way of using the system that means if you use your system for casual work like gaming and surfing then it won’t affect much. On the other hand, if you are a programmer or someone where you need to deal with the storage issue then disabling the service will defiantly boost the speed of your system.

Should You Leave the Alljoyn Service Running?

If your home is filled with a lot of smart devices, and you want to connect all of them with your computer, it will be an obvious decision to leave the Alljoyn service running. If you don’t want to communicate with the Internet of Things devices( an interconnected network of smart devices throughout a space) in your home, this service is not worthy for you at all.

How to Manage Alljoyn Router Service Automatically?

Only disabling the alljoyn router service will not provides a real impact in increasing the speed and performance of your system because there are some malware that still activates and leads the slow performance of your system.

So here are some steps through which you can use advance system care startup that helps in controlling Alljoyn router service in all windows.

Step1: Open browser and install Advanced System Care in your Pc.

Step2: Open Dashboard and Click Tool box

Step 3: Click on Startup Manager under System Optimizer bar.

Step 4: Under service tab, Click on Disable in front of Alljoyn Router.

(Note: Here you will get two options I.e. enable and delay. So if you stuck on something because of alljoyn router service then you can change it to delay for some time.)

If you find that alljoyn router runs at startup then, you will get it under startup item and click on the Disable in front of ETDCtrl.


So here you get to know that Alljoyn service helps to communicate among different system in window 10. We hope you get to know everything regarding Alljoyn router and the exact of disabling it. If you have any issue regarding this service then feel free to mention in the comment section of the article.

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