Overwatch Reduce Buffering| what Does it Do?

overwatch reduce buffering

Overwatch is the most popular video game among gaming players. There are many interesting features that you will get in this game like graphic design, experience and much more but the issue of overwatch buffering on window is quite common.

So here we will discuss about the most interesting feature of the overwatch i.e. reduce buffering. You will also get to know that what does it do and also several other information triple buffering and many other interesting things.

So let’s start without talking further.

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What is Overwatch Reduce Buffering?

It basically defines the buffering that helps in making your game smoother but sometime it becomes the major reason behind input lag issue if you enable this feature.

So it becomes quite necessary to enable Reduce buffering option in order to reduce the input lag and providing a batter gaming experience.

What is the importance of triple buffering in overwatch?

Triple buffering is the most common option that you will see while playing high graphic games. The triple buffering will helps in render more frame that results smoothness of image at IMF (increased memory footprint).

So if the Vsync is disabled then display finish half buffering and start swapping.

Will Triple Buffering Increase FPS?

Yes, triple buffering increase frame rate but not quite high. There is a limit of increasing where it crosses the capability. So the double buffering caused the double in number of frame rates.

The only drawback is that it will decrease the number of input as compare to double buffering. The process will add the third frame in the queue that will defiantly decrease the rate of frame rate (FPS).

How to increase FPS in Overwatch Game?

The processing of increasing FPS in overwatch game is quite simple. You just need to follow simple steps that are mentioned below.

1. Click on setting option and reduce resolution of game.

2. You will get many options like triple buffering, local fog detail and many more. (You need to reduce the number as much as possible)

3. Change the render scale value to 75% in order to boost the performance.

4. Clean the background application that may become the major reason of slow performance.

How to reduce overwatch input lag?

Input lag is the most common issue while playing overwatch game. So here we are providing a list of things that will helps to deal with this issue.

1. Internet Connectivity

There are quite high chances that your internet connection is creating the issue. So make sure that your internet speed must be high and you must have a stable internet connection.

2. Rubber banding issue

It is another issue that may become that may help you in this issue. The rubber band issue is related to the server side issue that is the problem related with ASUS ROG users. So in this case, you just need to uninstall the game and reinstall it. There are high chances that it will work for you.

3. Check Ping in Overwatch

There is no method that will directly helps in checking ping in overwatch but you can check your ping times by direct performing game server traceroute. So it highly recommended checking ping time with game server.

Fixing Issue with Reduce Buffering Option

The following solution will help in FPS dropping and input lag issue.

Restart Game

The issue occurs mostly when you change the minimized window on your system. So in order to solve the issue, it is recommended that you should turn off the game properly and restart it.

Updating Drivers

There may be the reason of your outdated drivers that may cause the slow down issue. So you need to update the drivers in order to smooth performance of the game and for that you have to follow these simple steps.

1. Download Driver easy in your PC.

2: Open Drive easy and you will see the scan now button on the dashboard.

3. Click on Scan now button and the scanning will start automatically.

4. After scanning, it will ask for update. Click on update all, the drivers will update automatically.

5. Restart the system

Pros of Reduce Buffering

Reduce buffering will decrease the input lag remarkably, however, if you have a high frame rate you might not put your attention towards it. If you have a high-end computer you should reduce buffering immediately to get a smooth experience and effortless performance. 

How to Deal With Overwatch FPS Issues?

Steps to increase FPS in overwatch- 

  • Click the video settings and reduce resolutions 
  • Make the options low as you can-  texture filtering quality, refraction quality, triple buffering, model detail, dynamic reflections, local reflections, lighting quality, anti-alias quality, local fog detail, and etc.
  • Leave the render scale to 75% to get a massive performance boost.
  • Stop the major resource-draining applications that is running in the background.

If you notice the overwatch FPS issues, you should follow these steps. 


In this article we covered overwatch FPS issue and try to provide the best alternative option to tackle this type of situation along with related issues. So it is highly recommended to apply the above steps in order to get rid from FPS issue.

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