How to Fix the Minecraft Error

Fix Minecraft Error

Gaming industry has exploded into the market in past few years. This billion-dollar industry has the capability to sustain for a very long time. Various games have been released during these years and have been a fan favourite for a while. One such game is Minecraft.

Minecraft is an open world video game which was developed by Mojang studios in 2009. Minecraft was originally created by Markus Persson using the Java Programming Language. It was officially released in November 2011. Basically, it is a sandbox video game in which the player has to complete the tasks assigned with great creativity and develop a huge empire of self. Players can explore the 3-D generated world made of blocks of infinite land.

Unexpectedly, Minecraft became the best-selling game of all time ever since it was made available on various other platforms. A total of 200 million copies of the game were sold cross all platforms which led to a significant rise in number of active players. It is said that Minecraft has 126 million active monthly users. But, even the most selling game of the world might consist of bugs and errors that might irritate the users. And one such error is$AnnotatedConnectException.

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What is$AnnotatedConnectException error and how is it caused?

Basically, this error refers to a connection error problem. There are various reasons that might cause this error. Before jumping to the solutions and fixes, we need to understand why this error is occurring so that if pops up again later, we can fix it easily. So, here are the reasons that might cause this error

VPN, Proxy, and windows firewall

VPN and proxy servers keep changing the identity of the host server in order to keep it safe and secure and allow it to access the internet privately without anyone tracing it. But sometimes, using these VPNs and Proxy servers might backfire at the host as some applications might block it from accessing their service. Similarly, Minecraft servers might get blocked by the firewall and other VPNs and lead to this error.

IP Address error

Utilizing an inappropriate IP address and port for interfacing with a server can make inconvenience. The IP address and right port carry our association request with the server. After the server’s endorsement, the connection sets up. On account of Static IP addresses, the IP address continues as before.

In any case, on the off chance that it isn’t utilized, at that point ISP changes IP address every once in a while. ISP may apportion a similar IP address to various machines. Thus, for this situation, the issue in the Minecraft game shows up. That is the reason it is important to alter IP address now and again.

Outdated Java software

We realize that the Minecraft game requires Java programming. Once in a while the product present in your framework isn’t refreshed. In the event that the game launcher is refreshed, however Java isn’t, at that point the issue may happen. On the off chance thatyou have the most recent application yet have an obsolete Java programming, at that point chances are that, specific components will strife with Minecraft. Therefore, make it sure that you possess the latest version of the Java application.

Software compatibility issue

There are various software that aren’t perfect with Minecraft. On the off chance that such programming is available on your machine, an issue may exist. There are some temperamental programs, which in the wake of introducing it on your PC will struggle with the game. Accordingly, theoretical direct blunder in Minecraft will spring up. You can check the list of the product that aren’t perfect with the Minecraft game.

How to fix this error Quickly?

Most of the errors that appear on any software or any game are fixable. So, it the$AnnotatedConnectException error of the Minecraft game. As discussed above, this error is caused because of any issue in the connection with the Minecraft servers. Numerous connection errors can be fixed easily and so is this. Some of the basic fixes that can be tried on this error are:

1. Set-up Firewall, VPN, Proxy settings

Bypassing the windows firewall can be done with the help of two methods, either you can completely turn off the windows firewall or you can allow the permission for a specific application to bypass its security. The best option among these is to allow a specific application to bypass. For that, you need to add a few exemptions in Firewall to keep away from this error.

  • Search for windows defender firewall in the search option.
  • Open control panel from there.
  • Click on Allow app or feature through windows defender firewall located on the left panel.
  • Click on change settings.Select all the java platform SE binary and press OK.

2. Reset your router or MODEM

Unplug the power source of the router.

Wait for a few moments and then plug back in the power source of the router.

After getting the access to the internet again, check for the error. It should be gone by then.

3. Configure IP address and port

In the event that the IP address isn’t static, it is changed following several days. It additionally turns after the web connection is reset. In this arrangement, we need to check the IP address and port for our game. Add these to Minecraft Launcher by following the given advances

Configure IP address and port
  • Open command prompt and run it as administrator.
  • Use command ipconfig to check your IPV4 address.
  • Note the server port from Minecraft server folder and go to server multiplayer option.
  • Select the server you desire to join and select edit.
  • Type in your IPV4 address and click done.

4. Retry installation cycle

Most of the errors gets solved just by running the installation cycle. All you need to do is uninstall the game and then reinstall it. Log in to your account to get all your data back and then you are good to go again. To uninstall the game, follow the steps: –

  • Go to control panel.
  • Locate the ‘uninstall a program’ section and click on it.
  • Search for Minecraft and right click on it.
  • Then click on uninstall and then OK.
  • After this you need to reinstall it again and most probably after doing so, the error might disappear.

5. Use a trusted and premium VPN source

It is possible that Minecraft might be banned in your region. So, in order to download and play the game, you need to use a VPN.

Now, there are numerous VPNs available on the internet but not all can be trusted in terms of service and privacy. Therefore, all check the VPN service and always use the premium variant in order to gain the most out of the server and not to tackle any errors while playing the game.

6. Check your internet connection

Afterall$AnnotatedConnectException is a connection error. Therefore, it is best to check your internet connection on primary basis. Connection error can be caused by complete internet connection failure or very high ping rate (slow connection). Hence make sure that you have an active internet connection which comparatively high speed.

Conclusion$AnnotatedConnectException error is something that is very common in Minecraft players.

Large number of players receive this error while playing Minecraft. But technology is quite impressive in these days, hence these types of errors and bugs can be easily detected and fixed with regular troubleshooting steps and techniques.

The user need not to spend money for fixing such kind of errors. Use the following steps to get rid of the error and enjoy the game again.

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