How to Increase Internet Speed in Windows 10

Increase internet speed in window 10

we can’t spend a single moment without the internet connection as our all the works are related with the mechanism of the network connectivity so slow internet connection speed in your windows PC leads to drag down the mood and certainly it hampers our working performance especially in our productive hours

However, Microsoft has ruled the world with over 400 million users till now and widely famous than the macOS and thus it is a subject to think it’s creditability to improve its working performances especially in the terms of the internet connectivity section.

So we’re here to provide you with simple steps which will guide you to increase internet speed in windows 10.

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How to Increase Internet Speed in Windows 10

There are many ways through which you can increase internet connectivity speed so given below are some tips that will defiantly helps to fix slow internet speed on windows 10.

1. Stop all background updates

Yes you can first start with the stoppage of all the background updates which are taking place due to the windows default system option.

You can find them in the computer setting. These background updates takes places usually in a long run as the system from the apex releases the updates and as the PC got connected with the internet connection then it automatically starts updating the system in the background. Here’s is the proper guidance to stop updates in the background.

stop background update

STEP 1: Go to the computer SETTING



STEP 4: Now select ADVANCED option

STEP 5: turn OFF all the selected options

2. Close all Background running Apps

The active apps in the background can lead to a diversion in the internet connectivity as some of the apps might use the data usage and this will certainly hamper your network connectivity or the bandwidth which will be helpful for your ongoing process.

So in order to get rid from these issues, just close all the running background apps so that your network or the data usages can only be redirected to your priorities activity.

STEP 1: just go to the SETTING

STEP 2: then click on the PRIVACY


STEP 4: MARK OFF “Let apps run in the Background”

stop background application

3. Delete all the Prefetch and temporary files

This feature can be found from the RUN menu which can be open by the shortcut key WIN + R .This prefetch features holds all the junk files used by the system and collects all the files at a separate place in the system which can be further deleted by running this feature. As this feature was introduces very long time ago from the WINDOWS XP itself and is still can be found in the system.

Steps to reach Prefetch and temporary files in the system are:

STEP 1: Press WIN + R

STEP 2: then type command “%temp%” in the dialogue box

STEP 3: and then press the ENTER button.

delete prefetches files

Now delete all the files there in the folder which are considered as the junk material for the system and is using the system RAM and thus somewhere hampering the data connectivity.

4. Use CC Cleaner

Sometimes you mistakenly install the third party apps in the system which promises to reallocate or address a proper high speed connectivity of the bandwidth but instead they do the opposite many times in the system which means they somehow uses the network share and hampers the strong connectivity from our router in the system for a better experience and smooth functioning.

It is better to not trust this kind of the third party software which are neither certified nor they gives a proper utilization of the space that we assign to them.

A better trusted and certified program like PiriformCCLeaner  can be used to rectify all the data related issues and this will in turns look after all your basic needs to put supervision on the data usages and network connectivity.

5. Disable WINDOW Auto tune Level

The programming performance of the computer can be improved by this feature. This feature actually works to receive TCP (Transmission control Protocol) Data over a network.

This feature works like the system programs are having a transfer of knowledge or the information between them and resultant they send each other a small bunch of data to each other.

Thus we need to interrupt their conversation which uses some data between them and lead to the diversion of a lot of internet data between them if we’re running a large number of programs in our personal computer.

To switch that or disable that, follow these simple steps:

STEP 1: Press WINDOWS + X on the keyboard and then select command Prompt

STEP 2: Type the commandnetsh interface tcp show globalin the dialogue box.

STEP 3: Now check the 5thoprion below that the ‘Receive Window Auto Tune Level’ is set to Normal.

STEP 4: Now to disable it, type another command  netshinttcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled.

Disable Auto tune Level

6. Disable AVG Firewall Program

As it is frequently believed that the AVG firewall certainly blocks our internet, thus it can be evaluate that ether it is a key to subject or not by switching it to the disable mode. This will identify whether the disable of the firewall faster the performance of the system and data connectivity or not.

STEP 1: Just go the START menu of the system.

STEP 2: Search FIREWALL in the search bar.

STEP 3: If you find any of the firewall programs to be turned ON their, then please make sure to turn them OFF.

Disable AVG Firewall Program

7. Disable the Large send Offload v2 (IPv4)

This feature is very much meant to improve our overall network connectivity and speed regarding the surfing uploading and downloading of the data in the program which eventually improves the overall performance of the system.

LSO allows or forces the running background apps to use the extra amount of the internet data when you are using another apps relatively.

STEP 1: Right click on the COMPUTER FOLDER ICON.

STEP 2: Click on the Properties.

STEP 3: Now select the DEVICE MANAGER from the CONTROL PANNEL.

STEP 4: You will see here all he listed network connections in the dialogue box.


STEP 6: Click on the RealtekPCle FF Family Contoller property.

STEP 7: Click on the ADVANCED option.

STEP 8: DISABLE the LSO v2 (IPv4)

STEP 9: Click OK.

8. Update your Network Drivers

Some unwanted pop-ups window can be lead to show if have recently upgraded from you old window version to this new windows version such as the unwanted errors which were somehow related to your old windows program can be shown here.

The outdated drivers or the wrong network driver might be the reason of this problem. Here a great free tool that matches our computer with the right driver is Driver Talent within minutes and it’s absolutely free.


So these are some steps that will defiantly helps to increase our network speed in windows 10 as these 8 methods are supposed to be the best solutions to get reed of the weak network connectivity and certainly these measures will surely lead to the best internet experience on your PC.

If you tried any of the above method then let us know in the comment section and provide your valuable feedback.

We are more than happy to hear you.

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