What is igfxpers.exe and How to Remove it?


Igfxpers.exe is a software component which can be found in the Intel graphics card and intel’s on-board GPU in our computer. Although it is not as much as harmful as you might be thinking but it can affect the running process of our computer in a Subsequent way. Sometimes it can lock up our computer and we need to restart our computer just to keep our programs running smoothly.

But don’t worry you can remove this igfxpers.exe error to get solve this issue from the computer to run the programs and software smoothly and proper responding to our actions in the computer.

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What is igfxpers.exe

Igfxpers.exe Is generally a part of Common user interface which gets and coordinate with the Windows drivers for the Graphics card As a part of graphics media accelerator driver which relevantly slows down the acceleration and succession of program speed.

If you talk about the turning of this error, then let me tell you that this could not be turn off As it is somehow attached with the proper functioning of the Intel graphics card. But yes you can disable it from the computer as it is not considered to be necessary with many of the windows.

It can be easily disabled As the disabling process of these will not harm your computer and you can easily find this option in the personalize option of the Control Panel in your computer where you can market as the unnecessary process.

Why is it necessary to remove igfxpers.exe?

It is said that it is an essential process using system resources. But in the fact it uses on loan change the system start of which in result that you avoid losing resolution setting on the monitor when it turned off. It also leads to the high CPU and RAM usage.

Thus it is very important to remove this error Just to ensure The proper running of yours computer. This will not affect your system experience but yes it will force the error to use less system resources.

How to delete igfxpers.exe?

This possible disguised malware Must be stopped Using the task manager if it is not found in the system 32 section of the computer. But the best way here to find This Intel graphics persistence module error  Is to find it in the search box of the File explorer.

Just make sure that all the files and folders are not hidden as this error might lead to the action of hiding files and folders related to it. If you can’t figure out the location of the option relevant to their hidden files and folder, then follow these steps for windows 10.

• you can click on the view tab in the left corner of the file explorer.

• then select the option show hidden files and folders and this is all you need to do.

If you are using Windows 7 then follow these simple steps to show hidden files and folder.

• go to the file Explorer window and click on the organize button

•Click on the ’folder and search’ option

•Select the view tab at the top

• you will find show hidden files and folders option in the below which you need to set.

 As you make sure that all the hidden files are clearly shown, you can go for this simple steps to remove igfxpers.exe error.

• Open the file explorer

• Find the search bar in the right corner of the file explorer

• Type the exact name that is igfxpers.exe

• Once you find the relevant folder or file you can delete it.

It is neither windows core file nor it is an essential For the windows operating system. It is just the process which is loaded during the windows boot process and monitor the applications. Thus you can disable it which do not harm your computer at all.

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