How to Convert EXE to APK (Windows to Android File)

convert exe to apk

Most of the people are using android device these days. Android is the most popular and easiest operating system on mobile devices. There are millions of apps on Google play store which you can use for your need.

What if you love Windows software that you would like to run on an android device?

So there are no such specific methods by which you can install .exe software of windows directly on android devices.

Unlike the Windows operating system, which have software named blue stick, by which you can run the android applications on the Windows operating system, androids does not have specific software by which you can run the windows file directly on android devices but if we talk about running Windows software on the android device then we need to do it with EXE to APK Converter android app.

This EXE to APK is free to download from the website. In this article we will help you to convert your .exe file into APK file step-by-step. All you need to do is, follow the instructions that are mentioned in this article to convert your EXE file into APK file. In this way you will be able to enjoy your Windows software application into your android device without any defect and errors in the application.

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What are EXE and APK file?

The applications or files that are designed to run in Windows operating system are generally considered as EXE files and these files can only be operated in Windows operating system. While on the other hand the applications or files that are designed to run on android devices are generally considered as APK files and similarly these files can operated or run on android devices only. To cope up with this issue, there are several converter applications which can help you to run both types of applications on the contrary platform.

Convert EXE to APK file

It is very easy and simple to convert your EXE file into APK file. You just need relevant software which can convert the EXE file into APK file.

There are so many software available on the internet which can do this conversion but we need to choose that software which is easy and simple to operate.

Thus In this article, we will suggest you the best converter tools available on the internet. This tool is very simple to use and easy to operate. Follow these simple steps to convert your EXE file into APK file.

Step 1: You need to download the software named ‘change my software (EXE to APK converter)’.

Step 2: After downloading the software you need to extract it in any folder of your choice from where you can run it easily. The name of the software will be shown as EXE to APK converter tool.

Step 3: Now go to the folder where you have extracted the EXE to APK Converter tool and then click on the EXE file. As the software is a portable one thus you don’t need to worry about the installation of the software. It will open the software by itself.

Step 4: After opening the software, you will see a dialogue box on the display of the computer. There you will have to click on the second option i.e. ‘I have a portable application’. After clicking on the second option, converter tool will open automatically on your PC.

I have a portable application

Step 5: You need to click on the convert button which can be seen inside the converted tool. This step will open a browse dialogue box.

click on the convert button

Step 6: Here you need to choose the EXE file that you need to convert into APK file. Simply browse on the file that you would like to convert and then click on OK button to convert the file.

choosing the EXE file

Step 7: This process will take a while to convert the file. It takes some time to convert EXE file completely into APK file which will be used in android device.

Step 8: You will see a confirmation dialogue box after completing the process. A pop-up window will open on the screen to confirm the location of the file which has been converted into APK file. Just click on the close button to save the converted APK file.

confirmation dialogue box

Step 9: Copy the APK File to your android device and then install that file from your android device By using any package installer. Or you can open the file explorer to install the application manually.

Is your file working?

Although this software is capable of converting every EXE files into APK files. Usually these convert files works very smoothly on android devices. But sometimes the large files designed for big window screen does not works on smaller android devices.

Sometimes a larger EXE files needs a lot of memory to run smoothly but the smaller android devices are unable to fulfill the requirements. For this you need to convert low sized EXE files into APK files which will run smoothly on your android devices.

You can also try other converter tools which are available on the internet. All the converter tools came with different programs and features. But the result or outcome of all the tools is same. It is up to you that what kind of software or converter tool you want to use.


This is how a converter tool is capable of converting EXE files of the Windows operating system into APK files to run on android devices. It is very simple and easy process to convert this files. Every converted file works smoothly on android devices.

Sometimes the larger files does not works smoothly on android devices which needs a lot of memory to run. In this case you can use low sized EXE files to convert into APK files. This conversion may lose some data from the EXE files.

If nothing works then the online websites are the only option to convert your EXE files into APK files.

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