How to Clear Chat in Discord (Step by Step Process)

How to clear chat in discord

Discord is the way to communicate with your friend & Family members through voice, text and video. If you are a fulltime gamer then trust me! Discord is going to provide you an amazing experience.

It is a multi-platform and may be used wherever you’re too. The best thing about discord is that it is totally free for windows, iOS, android and Linux. You can also use it straight during a browser without even downloading it. So you will be connected through discord even if you are not on your PC for some reason.

With the help of discord, you can communicate through voice and play games of your choice where coordination of two people are essential. Discord is extremely user-focused and maybe as private or public as you would like it to be. Using Discord you can choose:

  • People you want to add as friends and vice versa.
  • People who can have a direct message conversation with you
  • People you want to block
  • The servers you wish to join
  • You can choose ‘users’ to join the server that you created.

Table of Contents

Classification of Text Messages in Discord

The user friendly Chat Bar lets you send messages, send memes and lets one express them with a whole lot of emojis. ?

Chat Bar in discord

The many features of the Chat Bar are listed here:


Images, videos and other files can be sent as attachments by clicking the “+” that can be seen on the left side

Attachments discord

Also, it can be used to drag and drop files. 

Insta Upload Mode

If you want to upload too many pictures of your beloved pet, it can be easily done now. 

Message Box

The message box is the space where all the messages you wish to send are typed. 

Message Box

Disclaimer: A single message has a maximum capacity of 2000 characters, so in case you wish to send a message that exceeds the maximum count, that be sent in multiple parts.


You can send a Nitro Gift straight in the conversation! 



GIF Picker

It also has a huge section of GIFs that lets the users express themselves. It is located on the right side of Chat Bar. 

GIF Picker

After this you will get this screen from where you have to pick the one as per your requirement.

Emoji Picker

To select an emoji from the vast collection of emojis users can use the emoji picker.

Emoji Picker

How to Delete Direct Message in Discord

There are several methods to delete direct messages in discord. Here we will provide some of the steps that will help you through process.

Deletion of Discord Direct Message History with Hotkeys

Following are the most effective methods to delete a Discord message:

  • Moving the cursor over it to the right-side menu icon.
  • Clicking on the icon.
  • Selecting Delete.
  • Once selected, kindly Confirm the deletion process by finally clicking the Delete button.

One needs to follow a sequence of commands on the keyboard, so as to confirm the process.

The sequence is mentioned below:

  • Open a specific Discord DM.
  • In order to select your latest message Press ‘Up’ key once.
  • To activate the editor press up once again.
  • To select all of the text within the field Press Ctrl + A.
  • To delete the text Press Backspace.
  • To substantiate the edit Press Enter once.
  • To verify the deletion on the prompt Press Enter again.

Although this process sounds a bit slow but in fact once the user gets used to it the deletion takes place in a flash. This process doesn’t require rolling the cursor across the screen to make multiple selections but it can be done swiftly by using the hands on the keyboard.

Deletion of Discord DM History by using AutoHotkey

Let’s now study the automating method of deleting discord dm history with an easy AutoHotkey script.

Although as of now AutoHotkey is available for Windows users only and is yet to support macOS.

Here are a few things you’d need in the AutoHotkey script:

  • To turn it on or off a toggle key will be required
  • One will also require a full keyboard sequence and must make sure it has pauses after every step.
  • A process that can fetch previous messages.

Deleting Discord DM History with Bots

Of lately Discord did not support the usage of self bots and now it has been termed as a violation by the creators.

However, it’s not advisable to use self-bots as it can puts the user’s account at risk of being banned. Although some reports suggests that as long as the usage of self bots is restricted to personal or private use and is not used on public portals or harms others, those accounts are not terminated. So it’s a decision that the users need to take on their own keeping the above mentioned things in mind.

A normal user account that is running on an API token by Discord is a self-bot. Now a Developer Portal has been created by Discord that also tags self bots and keeps a track of them. Creating API requests and allowing themselves to get multiple tasks assigned such as deletion of messages by evading the tracking by the portal is what self bots do.

How to Delete Channel message in Discord?

 Channel messages can be deleted by using some methods that are entirely different from the ones used to delete Direct Messages.

The following three methods can be used:

Manual Method

The step by step guide to manually delete channel messages is as follows:

Inviting people in discord
  • Access the channel where the message you want to delete is located.
Delete the located massage
  • Move the cursor on the message and on the right you’ll see a 3-dot icon that’ll open a menu and from there select delete.
  • Now you’ll see a window being opened that’ll require you to verify the message you had selected. Delete once verified.

This works fine if you only have a couple of problematic messages to urge obviate, but it’s not suitable for removing large quantities of text messages.

To delete bulk messages you can use one of the methods listed below.

By Using a Discord Bot

You can find a lot of bots that support deleting bulk messages. For example one of the bots that is very popular among the server administrators is MEE6.

Installing the MEE6 bot is not really difficult and then you can sign in to your Discord server and perform the following:

Installing the MEE6 bot
  • Navigate to the MEE6 website.
  • Select increase Discord
  • Select the acceptable server.
  • Select Continue within the popup window to link the MEE6 bot to your Discord server
  • You will then be required to validate and then click authorize to complete deletion.
  • Above the captcha window you’ll see a box, click on that for user verification.

After installing MEE6 you’ll be able to see browser window being displayed that gives you access to a wide range of features from the browser.

Or the following commands can also be used to delete messages:

Use ‘!clear @username’ to delete a selected user’s previous 100 messages.

Use ‘!clear 500’ to remove the previous 500 messages on the channel.

You can also change the amount to reflect what percentage messages you would like to delete, up to 1,000.

This is far and away from the simplest method for deleting an outsized number of messages directly.

Remember to Clone the Channel

If the MEE6 alternative doesn’t work for you, the ultimate thanks to deleting all messages are to clone the channel. By using this process a copy of the previous channel is created without any of the messages from the old channel.

NOTE: Cloning doesn’t guarantee copying bots to the new channel, so make sure to have an inventory of the bots you have on the channel.

  • Right-click on the channel you would like to clone. Select Clone Channel.
  • Rename the cloned channel if you would like.
  • Now open the cloned version after deleting the previous version and add any bots that are required.

All users will have updated and recreated permissions after a channel is cloned because it will also add users from the previous channel. This method proves to be handier than creating a channel from the very initial phase. By this point of time the user has a new channel with the previous settings with no messages from the previous channel.

FAQ Session

Q. What are the OS/system requirements for Discord?


Windows 7 and up

MacOS 10.10 and up (Yosemite)


iOS 10.0 and up

Android 5 and up


Google Chrome, Firefox 38+, Opera, Microsoft Edge 17+ (including Chromium Edge 79+ on Windows and macOS), Safari 11+ (available on macOS 10.13 High Sierra and up)

Q. Why does Discord have Multiple Processes?

It is quite normal thing if your discord have multiple process working on your task manager. The process works with chromium that process a multi process modal. Here are these processes:

– Main Process (handles restarting other processes if they die & need res)

– Renderer

– Crash Reporter

– GPU Process (You will see this even with hardware acceleration turned off)


With Discord users can converse with each other either in person or in a group through a server. It can be used to send direct messages to users, to have video calls, voice conversation, and the screens can also be shared.

The current Discord API has been supporting a ‘POST request’ method. In this ‘Post request’ method it entirely busts a Message Delete Bulk gateway event, which leads to allowing the bots to delete all messages that are fortnight old. And these old(previously generated) messages are usually deleted individually.

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