DISM Host Servicing Process [Fix DismHost.exe High Disk Usage]

DISM Host Servicing Process

DISM is the common service of your window operating system. It is also called development image servicing and management that helps to prepare window preinstallation environment (PE) and prepare window image.

The PE can be used to remove enumerate package and disable or enable window features. However, DISM host service process doesn’t create any problem in the processing of you PC but if you have outdated version then it may cause several issue.

So in this article, we will cover the entire issues like DISM high disk usages in which host service process takes high CPU usages then normal processing.

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What is DISM Host Servicing Process? 

The DISM host servicing process is supposed to be 27% dangerous as per the statement of window 10 specialist. However, DISM is not the part of window operating system but it is very useful in maintaining the performance of system.

The process doesn’t have window and also it doesn’t appear on the taskbar so it may cause several issues including high CPU usages and that is quite common among all.

The level of danger also depends upon the location of DISM host files that means

If files are stored in C:\\Windows then danger level is 34%

If files are located in C:\\ Program Files then it is 19% dangerous

If DSM Hosting Service process files are located in subdirectory of user’s folder then it is 28% dangerous.

At the very same time, it becomes quite necessary to check that DismHost.exe must be updated and doesn’t contain any outdated file.

Problems related to DISM Host Servicing Process

DismHost.exe High Disk usages can cause several issues if you don’t check it. The most common issues are listed below.

It can be malware
Network restriction issues
High Disk Usage goes up to 90-100% that cause slow down of processing
It consumes internet usages

(Note: If you want to check the disk use then you can simply check from task manager.)

Stay tuned with us, we will help you out in solving the DISM Host Servicing Process issue.

Fix DISM Host Servicing High Disc Uses Issue

High Disc use issue creates because of the malware and virus that may slow down the entire operating process. So you have to run full system scan and update your window.

After that, follow these methods that will surely helps in resolving high disc uses issue.

Solution 1: Uninstall DismHost.exe in windows 10

Step 1: Open Control panel and Click on Uninstall Program
Step 2: Check out the program and Click on Uninstall
Step 3: Go to My computer and search DISM host servicing process

 (If you don’t find the results that means you have successfully uninstall the DismHost.exe)

Step 4: Check registry at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE  and if you find DISM Host servicing then you have to remove files from here also.

After performing above steps, the DismHost.exe file uninstall and will defiantly helps in high disc uses issue and if doesn’t work for you then move to the next solution.

Solution 2: Stop Host Process that consume Internet Bandwidth

Step 1: Serach for “Services” in window search bar on desktop
Step 2: In services list selection option Background Intelligent Transfer Service
Step 3:  Right Click on it option and press the disable option
Step 5: Restart your PC

Solution 3: Stop BIT Service

BIT (Background Intelligence Transfer) is a service that is utilized to control all apps and tasks that work in the background of your computer. But your computer might have some issues for using this service like an error DISM host servicing process. To fix this problem, you can stop the service. Here is the steps of how to stop BIT service 

  • Click Windows key and R key at the same time and open Run dialog.
  • Type services.msc in the box and click OK  
  • In the pop-up window, search for the Background Intelligent Transfer Service and double-click on it.
  • Change the Startup type to Disable it and Service status to will stop.
  • Click Apply and OK and the changes will be saved. 

Solution 4: Disable Superfetch Service

Superfetch is a special feature of Windows OS which works with all its internal components to keep the PC updated. Decreasing the opening time of your system apps and the launching time of those apps is the main objective of the tool. But the Superfetch process can cause the dismhost.exe app to open again and again and cause various issues to your computer as well. If you want to fix the DismHost.exe DISM host servicing process high CPU problem you have to disable the superfetch service. 

  • Click on Windows+R buttons together and open the Run command
  • Type in msc and hit Enter
  • Find the service titled superfetch in service window 
  • Double click on that service and click on the Properties option
  • Click on Stop button to stop the process 
  • Now, in the Startup type drill-down, select the option Disabled.
  • Click on Apply and then Ok and the changes will be saved 

Solution 5: Run Malware or Virus Scan

This app is a segment of windows. Though the actual DISM is fine, there can be malware working in the place of it which can be an issue. It can be used to steal information and send that to hackers. To solve that you have to check the malware and virus scan

  • Click Windows key+I key together and open Settings.
  • In the pop-up window, select Update & Security.
  • Click on the windows Defender tab, and click Open Windows Defender Security Center.
  • Choose Virus & threat protection.
  • In the pop-up window, click Quick scan and continue.


We hope this article will defiantly helps in fixing DismHost.exe high disk usage issue and helps to increase the performance of your operating system. If the above steps work for you then provides your valuable feedback in the comment section of the article.

Hope you have successfully Fix DismHost.exe High Disk Usage and Stop DISM Host Servicing Process. Thanks for reading this guide. 

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