Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working Error [Solved]

Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working Error

Discord is highly popular VoIP application service among computer game players and the service discord screen share audio helps player to communicate in between the game and make the experience better.

Other than this, you can also communicate with your friend by text and audio voice messages but the many people faces a common issue that they face issue in discord screen share in which discord screen share audio not working properly.

So in this article we will help in finding the best alternative solutions that helps you in dealing this issue.

Reasons Behind Audio Not Working in Discord Screen Share

The computer systems have different features and configuration that vary according to the system. So in the below list we have listed some of the common reason behind this error.

1. Audio issue: There may be the issue with the screen share mechanism as it may not be compatible as per the requirement. The issue generally arises in the initial phase as it may create audio issues while share screen.

2. Compatibility of application: There are some applications that are not compatible with discord so they create the audio issue after installation. In that case, you need to check for any alternative option.

3. Audio Driver issues in your system: The Discord works with the audio drivers of your system. Many times audio drivers are corrupted or not updated then also you may face the same issue.

4. Administrative Permission: Discord works in sharing the screen of your partner remotely so you need the permission of administrator. Usually the allowing the permission helps in resolving the issue.

So these are the most common issues that may become the initial reason behind this error. You need to check all the above listed reasons before going further.

Fix: Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working Error (8 Solutions)

Here we have provided some fixes that will defiantly work for you.

Note: These solutions are listed in a sequence so it is advised to apply in the appropriate sequence.

Solution 1: Restart your Computer

Restarting your computer is the primary solution of this issue as there are some programs that run in the background of the system and cause issue in proper working of discord.

For that, you need to restart the computer that will shut down the background program and boost the performance of your system. There are very high chances that the issue will resolve after this action.

Solution 2: Update Audio Drivers

There are high chances that your audio drivers are not up to date means outdated that mostly cause discord no audio issue. So you have to check that the drivers must be update timely so that they can perform smoothly without any issue.

There are two ways of updating your drivers i.e. automatically or manually. It totally depends upon you that which way is suitable for you.

In order to update automatically, you can do with the help of driver easy. It will help to automatically detect the most appropriate driver for your system so that you don’t have to face the issue of manual installing where the chances of wrong driver is high.

Drive easy provides the free and pro option in order to download automatically. The only difference is that in free version there is no support and guarantee provided and on the other hand, in pro version you will get full technically support along with 30 days money back guarantee and all drivers update with a single click.

The whole process of update through driver easy is listed below:

1. Download the latest version of Driver easy.

2. In the beginner screen, you will get the option of Scan now that will scan all the issues regarding your computer drivers.

3. After that, click on the Update option that will provides the list of drivers that highly suits your system.

4. Then, you can download manually (In free version) and single click download (Update All option) in Pro version.

That’s all you need to do In order to download drivers automatically or manually. Restart your computer and check the bug. If the error still occurs then move to the next solution.

Solution 3: Don’t Use Full Screen

Sometimes playing game in full screen may cause the issue of audio problem. The reason is that the discord doesn’t allow the permission and due to that audio doesn’t perform accordingly.

In order to apply this solution, firstly you need to restart your system and then play the game in minimize format. There are very high chances that your issue will resolve after this action.

Solution 4: Update Discord

If the problem doesn’t arise earlier then there are high chances that your discord needs to be updated. In order to remove the bugs and increase the speed, developers introduce new update.

So you need to update the discord in order to solve the issue and for that you just need to follow these steps:

1: Press Window+R, the run dialog will appear.

2: In search box, Type %localappdata% and then press ok button just below the search bar.

3: You will get many options in which you have to click on the Discord

4: After opening Discord folder, click on update.exe and processing will start automatically.

5: Restart your PC.

If problem doesn’t solve, then move on the next solution.

Solution 5: Disable Antivirus (If have any)

It is not mandatory but in some cases antivirus causes the problem in audio at the time of sharing screen and for that, you need to disable your antivirus on temporary basis.

After performing this action, if the discord works fine then you have to consult with the developer team of the antivirus and ask them about the issues. They will defiantly provide a better solution.

Solution 6: Voice Setting Reset in Discord

Another cause behind the audio issue can be the unmanaged setting of voice in the discord. In order to fix the voice issue follow these simple steps.

1. Click on the setting icon on the discord dashboard.

2. Click on the option: Voice & Video and click on the Reset setting option.

3. It will ask for the permission in which you need to press ok button.

Solution 7: Add Your Activity

Sometimes your discord confuse in the activity that you perform so it don’t perform the function accordingly.

So in order to get rid from the issue of audio not working issue, the developer introduce the platform in which you can easily select the specific application on which you want to focus. You just need to follow these steps.

1. Open Discord dashboard and click on the setting icon.

2. Click on the game option in left bar.

3. Choose the option game activity and press the add button.

4. Choose the program from the list that you want to share with other person.

5.  Lastly, click on Add game option.

(Note: You need to check that your toggle must be turned on)

Solution 8: Check Computer Audio Settings

There are quite high chances that there may be some issue related with the audio device. So in that case, you have to check the input audio device selected and also need to check that the discord had given the audio access or not.


We hope that these solutions will helps to solve the issue of discord screen share problem. It is advised that you have to taste every single step In proper sequence in order to get rid from the issue and after tasting the above listed solution let us know that which one of them work for you in solving the issue of screen share audio not working error. If you have any query regarding this error then feel free to ask in the comment section.

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