What is CTF Loader & How to Fix CTF Loader Related Issues

ctf loader issue

There are many processes that run in the background of your window operating system and one most common is CTF loader or “ctfmon.exe”. However, some people think that it is malware or virus but it doesn’t harm your operating system.

So in this article you will get to know that what actually CTF loader is and what are the ways to disable it and if you how to resolve the issue related to CTF.

What is CTF Loader?

Collaborative translation framework Loader (CTF loader) is the background application that provides text support and operates supporting handwriting, and speech reorganization.

Along with this, CTF loader also initializes text input process and activates Microsoft office language bar that allows the switching between different input languages while loaded.

Although, CTF is no-harm application so you doesn’t need to pay special attention on it but you may track the performance once in a month as it is taking space of your operating system.

Causes behind CTF Loader Error

There are many situations that may cause the error in CTF loader.

1. System Update: There are high chances of error after system update as some of the newly updated files affect the performance of loader. There are some particular files that create trouble in the performance of CTF loader.

2. Changing Window Display Language: The issue creates while you update the language pack. Mostly you will receive a warning stating: Language Pack isn’t available and that cause issue in loader.

3. Hidden Virus or Malware: There may be the issue of hidden virus and malware that may affect the performance of CTF loader.

How to Fix CTF Loader Problem?

It is recommended to follow the below solutions in order to solve the loader issue.

Solution 1: Disable Touch Keyboard option and Handwriting Service

The ctfmon.exe is the file that provides the full access over loader that simply means if you are not using it then you will not get any issue related to CTF loader.

Controlling ctfmon.exe is quite easy with the help of task scheduler. You just need to follow given steps.

1. Press window+ R and the run window will open.

2. Type services.msc and press OK.

3. Find the option Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service and press right click.

4. Click on the properties

5. Under General section, choose disable in front of startup type

6. Press OK button  

There are quite high chances that this simple process will help in fixing the issue and if it doesn’t work for you then move on the next solution.

Solution 2: Scan your Computer for Malware or Virus

Having malware or virus may also cause the loader issue it is necessary to check that your system should be free from virus and malware. So you have to scan your PC with powerful antivirus that will help in resolving the issue permanently.

(Note: You must purchase the antivirus from official website as other sites may provide your affected application that may cause the system error.)

Solution 3: Update your PC

Although it is not the sure solution for this issue but somehow it will defiantly affect the speed and performance of your operating system so the CTF loader issue can resolve. For that, you have to follow the following steps.

1. Open Setting app from the start menu.

2. Click on Update and Security

3. Select option window update

4. Click on Check update.

The updating will start automatically and after completing system update you need to restart the PC.

Solution 4: Delete Executable

The solution is only required if you are continuously facing CTF loader issue because it will impact in the reverse manner if you are using handwriting or any voice recognition software.

Follow these steps:

1. Follow pathway: C:\Windows\System32 for system 32 folder.

2. Search “ctfmon.exe”

3. Click on the Delete option and Click Yes.

Where will you get CTF Loader?

As we mentioned previously, the CTF loader runs in the background so it will start its processing while working on input device. Although, you will get CTF loader files at C:\Windows\System32 or C:\Windows\SysWOW64


We hope that above information defiantly clear the issues related to ctf loader. Although, it will not affect the performance of your system but still if you face any issue then you may follow the above solutions. These are high working methods to deal with the loader issue.

So if you taste any one then comment down the results in comment section so that we can prioritize our solution list.

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